Welcome to Saint Matthias Parish Website.  Navigating this site you
will find a parish that offers a great deal to the members who gather daily and
weekly to worship at Mass and to celebrate the other sacraments.

      I have been blessed by being the pastor of this parish for over twenty years.
Please know that members of this community always strive to support each other
in the celebration of the Eucharist and being extraordinary examples of their faith.
They work hard at strengthening their faith by helping others realize the gifts
needed to grow our Catholic community.

      Our parish provides many activities that appeal to all generations (the young,
the old, male, female, singles, widowed, divorced, retired, etc.)  Their lives
connect with others sharing similar spiritual needs.  Check the links to some of
these activities. (http://svdpp.org/, http://www.shawlministry.com/,

      Many talented people are already members of Saint Matthias enjoying the
spiritual and social programs and activities offered in the parish.  Saint Matthias
along with St. Paul in Waterford, and St. Agnes in Niantic, is a three parish cluster
known as Holy Martyrs.  We enjoy the opportunity to share with neighboring
Catholics seasonal missions, evenings of recollection and communal celebrations
of Reconciliation.

      You may discover that your gifts and talents will be welcomed and appreciated
in the overall task of ministry by proclaiming the Kingdom of God in this portion
of the Lord’s vineyard.

Monsignor Michael T. Donohue,  VF